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Updates and New Stores

6/24 Women, Wine and Yoga tonight and Sunday. Wake up to a Rickaroon on your mat!

6/22 Sunset Yoga with a DJ at Wavehouse in MB

6/10 Wine, Women, and Yoga tomorrow at 1030am

6/8 #rickarooning to enter and win free Rickaroons in our Instagram photo contest

6/6 All New Leaf stores in Santa Cruz

6/2 We just got placement at both Sipz Vegan Cafes in San Diego. They have Rickaroons on the shelf as of today. Next week we will be in all three Erewhon Natural Foods stores (Los Angeles, Venice, and Calabasas). 

5/25 Where in Austin would you like to see Rickaroons sold? What's your favorite juice shop? Email us at and let us know!

5/24 We are headed to Paleo(f)x tomorrow in Austin, TX. Stop by our booth and say hi!

5/22- Travelers passing through O'Hare International Airport will be able to find Rickaroons in Terminal 1, Gate B6, at the Grove- Smoothie King. It's a kiosk style merchant that sells a snacks and beverages. 

5/20- Rickaroons will be in three more stores in the county starting this weekend: Stumps Market in Ocean Beach, Major Market in Escondido, and Major Market in Fallbrook. 

5/19- Dominick's Deli in Fallbrook.  Dominick and Rick played on the same Ultimate frisbee team in the late 70s. If you're in the area, discover why his deli was voted top 3 in sandwiches in the county. 

5/18 30% sale on Megaroons! Use "mega30" here.

5/16 Artisan's Palate in Temecula

5/9 Rickaroons are coming soon to Los Angeles. Stay tuned for when and where.but let's just say we are excited.

5/5 New Leaf in Santa Cruz/San Jose will be giving away samples of Rickaroons at 6 stores this weekend.

5/4 "mothersday" for 15% off now through Sunday!

4/30 We are road tripping up the CA coast. Tell us your favorite cafes and juice shops in the form to the left under the photos.

4/27 Denver's Botanical Gardens Cafe

4/22 Demo at Natural Grocers in Ft. Collins, CO

4/18 Coffee Clatch and Red Frog Coffee in Longmont, CO and Vertical Mile Market in the Denver Airport

4/12 Stop by 10 Natural Grocers in Colorado next week to get a taste of Rickaroons. Stay tuned for when we will be in the stores giving samples!

4/11 Rum Jungle and Local Krave

4/6 Boney's Bayside Market in Coronado

3/29 Staying in Denver? Try Denver Tech Center Double Tree. Working out in Denver? Try the Colorado Athletic Club. Drinking coffee? Try Ft. Collins Coffeehouse. 

3/28 Demo day at Jimbo's Naturally 4s Ranch today from 3-6pm.

3/27 Rickaroons are in 6 7-Elevens in San Diego!

3/21 Come try Rickaroons at Jimbo's in Horton Plaza today from 3-6pm.

3/19 We will be at Little Italy AND the Berry Berry Best Chocolate Fest at Liberty Station today

3/17 Hello Denver Airport! Now available in the Jeppesen Terminal at the Vertical Mile Market.

3/14 Juice Crafters in Santa Monica and Brentwood

3/6 The atmospheric scientists at UCAR get Rickaroons in their cafeteria. Let us know if you want your cafeteria to carry Rickaroons!

3/3 Ziggi's in Longmont, Colorado

3/2 Ozzo's in Boulder, CO

2/26 Colorado has 14 locations with Rickaroons. Check out our Map for a complete list

2/22 Vitality Bowls is opening another location in South Beach Miaim!

2/20-2/21 Gluten Free Expo in Del Mar

2/15 Alfalfa's Market in Boulder and Louisville, CO

2/8 The Bean Box Terrace and Mudbar in downtown SD

2/7 AJ's Market in Soquel, CA

2/3 Sunny Farms in Sequem, WA

2/1 Debra's Natural Gourmet in Acton, MA

1/29 Keil's Food Store in Del Cerro, San Diego

1/26 Cardiff Seaside Market continues the wave of San Diego grocery stores carrying Rickaroons!

1/23 Next week you can find Rickaroons at all 5 San Diego Jimbo's Naturally

1/18 Blog post by former USA gymnast Shannon Doleac

1/15 Rickaroons are back in Seal Fit

1/11 Ocean Beach Peoples Food Co-op

1/8 The Blend Superfood Bar on Mission Blvd

1/7 99 Cups in Pacific Beach has our 'roons

1/6 UCSD Bookstore and Coffee Shop get their Rickaroons today!

1/5 Say hello to Jimbo's Naturally! Coming soon.

1/1 Happy 2016!

12/23 Vitality Bowls is opening a Denver location January 10 and bringing in Rickaroons!

12/22 All orders received today before 3pm PST will go out today. Get your last minute gifts!

12/18 Make your stocking stuffers at Little Italy and Leucaida farmers markets this weekend only!

12/14/15 Stocking stuffers are here

12/10 Stocking stuffers are coming out this weekend!

12/3 New Vitality Bowls with Rickaroons coming to Castro Valley!

12/1 New packaging is 2 weeks away. Tell us which stores you want to see Rickaroons.