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The Better Buzz? Pannikin?


3/1 La Jolla and Leucadia for us today. No Hillcrest.

2/25 A fifth Vitality Bowls just opened, this one in Pleasanton, CA. And of course they just started carrying Rickaroons!

2/19 Perky Beans in PB and Dark Horse Roasters in two locations (Adams Ave. and 30th) all have Rickaroons for the first time today

2/18 The Dailey Method now offers fitness classes combining ballet, yoga, and Pilates AND has Rickaroons

2/12 Hillcrest Farmers Market - every week starting Sunday February 15th!

2/11 Hello Carmel, Indiana! @Vitality Bowls

2/10 Sandwich Emporium on Clairemont Dr. = new how of Rickaroons

2/3 Cafe Virtuoso is our new southernmost carrier in San Diego

2/2 Both locations of Simply Local now carry our 'roons

2/1 We are at Hillcrest, Leucadia, and La Jolla Farmers Markets today.

1/31 Little Italy Farmers Market - southwest corner of Cedar and State. Every Saturday.

1/29 Hello Vacaville, CA! Eco Chic Life is now an official vendor of Rickaroons.

1/22 Rickaroons are now in...Iowa!

1/17 Come say hello at the Little Italy farmers market this Saturday and Leucadia and La Jolla on Sunday.

1/7 Stop by the State Street Farmers Market in Carlsbad today 3-6pm.

1/3 Today we are at Little Italy. Tomorrow we will be at Leucadia, La Jolla, and making a guest appearance at the Hillcrest Farmer's Market.