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Updates and New Stores

5/25 Where in Austin would you like to see Rickaroons sold? What's your favorite juice shop? Email us at and let us know!

5/24 We are headed to Paleo(f)x tomorrow in Austin, TX. Stop by our booth and say hi!

5/22- Travelers passing through O'Hare International Airport will be able to find Rickaroons in Terminal 1, Gate B6, at the Grove- Smoothie King. It's a kiosk style merchant that sells a snacks and beverages. 

5/20- Rickaroons will be in three more stores in the county starting this weekend: Stumps Market in Ocean Beach, Major Market in Escondido, and Major Market in Fallbrook. 

5/19- Dominick's Deli in Fallbrook.  Dominick and Rick played on the same Ultimate frisbee team in the late 70s. If you're in the area, discover why his deli was voted top 3 in sandwiches in the county. 

5/18 30% sale on Megaroons! Use "mega30" here.

5/16 Artisan's Palate in Temecula

5/9 Rickaroons are coming soon to Los Angeles. Stay tuned for when and where.but let's just say we are excited.

5/5 New Leaf in Santa Cruz/San Jose will be giving away samples of Rickaroons at 6 stores this weekend.

5/4 "mothersday" for 15% off now through Sunday!

4/30 We are road tripping up the CA coast. Tell us your favorite cafes and juice shops in the form to the left under the photos.

4/27 Denver's Botanical Gardens Cafe

4/22 Demo at Natural Grocers in Ft. Collins, CO

4/18 Coffee Clatch and Red Frog Coffee in Longmont, CO and Vertical Mile Market in the Denver Airport

4/12 Stop by 10 Natural Grocers in Colorado next week to get a taste of Rickaroons. Stay tuned for when we will be in the stores giving samples!

4/11 Rum Jungle and Local Krave

4/6 Boney's Bayside Market in Coronado

3/29 Staying in Denver? Try Denver Tech Center Double Tree. Working out in Denver? Try the Colorado Athletic Club. Drinking coffee? Try Ft. Collins Coffeehouse. 

3/28 Demo day at Jimbo's Naturally 4s Ranch today from 3-6pm.

3/27 Rickaroons are in 6 7-Elevens in San Diego!

3/21 Come try Rickaroons at Jimbo's in Horton Plaza today from 3-6pm.

3/19 We will be at Little Italy AND the Berry Berry Best Chocolate Fest at Liberty Station today

3/17 Hello Denver Airport! Now available in the Jeppesen Terminal at the Vertical Mile Market.

3/14 Juice Crafters in Santa Monica and Brentwood

3/6 The atmospheric scientists at UCAR get Rickaroons in their cafeteria. Let us know if you want your cafeteria to carry Rickaroons!

3/3 Ziggi's in Longmont, Colorado

3/2 Ozzo's in Boulder, CO

2/26 Colorado has 14 locations with Rickaroons. Check out our Map for a complete list

2/22 Vitality Bowls is opening another location in South Beach Miaim!

2/20-2/21 Gluten Free Expo in Del Mar

2/15 Alfalfa's Market in Boulder and Louisville, CO

2/8 The Bean Box Terrace and Mudbar in downtown SD

2/7 AJ's Market in Soquel, CA

2/3 Sunny Farms in Sequem, WA

2/1 Debra's Natural Gourmet in Acton, MA

1/29 Keil's Food Store in Del Cerro, San Diego

1/26 Cardiff Seaside Market continues the wave of San Diego grocery stores carrying Rickaroons!

1/23 Next week you can find Rickaroons at all 5 San Diego Jimbo's Naturally

1/18 Blog post by former USA gymnast Shannon Doleac

1/15 Rickaroons are back in Seal Fit

1/11 Ocean Beach Peoples Food Co-op

1/8 The Blend Superfood Bar on Mission Blvd

1/7 99 Cups in Pacific Beach has our 'roons

1/6 UCSD Bookstore and Coffee Shop get their Rickaroons today!

1/5 Say hello to Jimbo's Naturally! Coming soon.

1/1 Happy 2016!

12/23 Vitality Bowls is opening a Denver location January 10 and bringing in Rickaroons!

12/22 All orders received today before 3pm PST will go out today. Get your last minute gifts!

12/18 Make your stocking stuffers at Little Italy and Leucaida farmers markets this weekend only!

12/14/15 Stocking stuffers are here

12/10 Stocking stuffers are coming out this weekend!

12/3 New Vitality Bowls with Rickaroons coming to Castro Valley!

12/1 New packaging is 2 weeks away. Tell us which stores you want to see Rickaroons.