San Diegan Yogi Extraordinaire

What is your favorite type of yoga to practice?


Restorative or Vinyasa. I love a really restorative practice with all the props and candles and all the warm and fuzzyness. I also love a good Vinyasa class, I'm all about the music and good vibes! ...and again, the savasana.

Tell us a few of your favorite things

My favorite things: My dog, Jimmy Fallon, Ice cream, Lucky charms, California burritos, Friends and family, Coconut water, Traveling, Acro Yoga, and Netflix

Best time to eat a Rickaroon?

Driving through Big Sur with your bestie. I mean, when isn't a good time to eat a Rickaroon? I heart snacks!!!

When and why did you start practicing yoga: 

I started practicing yoga because I had A LOT of free time on my hands and needed a hobby. Groupon suggested Bikram, I went for it and never turned back. 3 months later, I decided I liked it so much I wanted to teach it. So I went to Costa Rica to pursue my career as a yoga instructor. My mom thought I was crazy.

Where do you like to practice?

I love to practice at Indie Yoga, Trilogy or Yoga Six. They are all three amazingly unique communities.