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Are Rickaroons a dessert or a healthy snack?  Both. Rickaroons were created by Rick as a clean burning energy food for pre or post workouts. Since Rick is both a lifelong health conscious athlete AND a lifelong dessert connoisseur, Rickaroons turned out to be a delicious dessert as well. So eat Rickaroons any time of day and feel good about the dietary choice you've made.

What is the shelf life of Rickaroons?  When each Rickaroon goes into its package, it is given a "Best By" date six months in the future. However, refrigeration does extend the shelf life of Rickaroons. Also- if you have em on hand- eat em! 

Do Rickaroons need to be refrigerated? Rickaroons do NOT need to be refrigerated. Each Rickaroon is individually packaged air tight and because coconut oil is also a natural preservative, the shelf life is extended naturally and organically.

How do Rickaroons come packaged? Every Rickaroon is individually packaged. This helps keep them fresh. It also lets you grab one for your backpack, purse, or glove compartment - perfect for on the go. If you order online, they come in a display box that is color coded with each flavor's color scheme. You can also purchase Rickaroons in a Variety Pack online through our site and through most of our online partners.

What is coconut palm nectar? Coconut Palm Nectar is the cleanest, slowest burning, low glycemic index, eco-friendly and sustainable sweetener we can find. It is delicious and has a nutritional profile that includes many minerals our bodies use. These include magnesium, potassium, and manganese.

Is coconut palm nectar leading to deforestation? No. The nectar itself comes from the flower of the palm tree. This means it is completely sustainable and done so without damage to the eco-system. Additionally, our coconut palm nectar supplier utilizes 20,000 small farms that are not mono-culture groves of palm trees. The trees co-exist with numerous bio-diverse plants in Indonesia.

Where does your coconut palm nectar come from? We source our coconut palm nectar from 20,000+ small farms in Indonesia. The workers on these farms have seen average daily wages increased 100%. Just another reason to feel good about eating Rickaroons.

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