Andrew Sealy

What drives you to continue to grow your passions?

My intention is to learn, serve, play, and love life to the fullest everyday. I am a yogi who enjoys nature, flow, absorbing wisdom, creating new experience, and living a life of continued progress rooted in passionate exploration of creativity. I am a Yoga Artist, a Body Mechanic Nerd, an Acro Yoga enthusiast, an adventurer, and an intellectual with a knack for Raw Vegan Alchemy.

The constant self discovery process of Yoga drives me to embody progressive action to positively influence my environment. This drive is derived from a deep place within my heart that knows that humanity is genuinely kind and has a true intention to grow, change, progress, and sustain it's natural beauty with compassion for all beings. 

What is your favorite Rickaroon flavor?


How does nutrition play a role in your life?

Nutrition is the key to rapid progress in all that I do. If you intake high potency, efficient fuel you will have high potency, efficient performance. As a Yoga teacher and practitioner I need to be on point mentally and physically at all times to provide high energy mindful movement instruction. Therefore my food must provide me with high energy.

My diet mainly consist of LOTS of GREENS, plant proteins (lentils, black beans, sprouted seeds and nuts), fruits, and lots of water and tea. Simplicity is key when building flexibility and strength. I am completely vegan and do my best to stay away from gluten. My goal is to become as efficient as possible by having a sustainable diet of adequate consumption with little to no waste. 

When do you eat Rickaroons?

When do I eat Rickaroons?... Hmmm ALL THE TIME! Basically anytime I need a boost of healthy energy to propel me! It could be a Chocolate Blonde right after a Yoga class to help with muscle recovery and energy levels or a MegaRoon before a nice trail run to watch a sunset. They are great for all occasions. Sometimes I even invite over friends and have a few Spicy Brunettes over tea and a movie.