Angie Hanchett

Bikram Yoga Extraordinaire, ER Nurse, San Diego Lifeguard

Favorite Rickaroon: The Megaroon

Occupation: Emergency Room Nurse

Latest Yogic Accomplishment

Second place at the 2010 NorCal Regional Yoga Asana Championships.

When do you love to love Rickaroons? 

I love to scarf down a Rickaroon during a quick break while working as a nurse in the Emergency Department. It provides the perfect balance between raising my blood sugar levels and giving me lasting energy to stay productive and happy while nursing. Rickaroon's are the perfect food on the go and they satisfy my cravings for chocolate and sweets. My other favorite way to eat a Rickaroon is to share it with a friend, like a cookie, accompanied by tea and a good conversation. 

How did you get to be so awesome at Bikram Yoga, while being an ER Nurse? 

Good old fashioned hard work, loyalty, and transparency are the secrets to my success. Good communication with others and appropriate time set aside for self care are really important too. I believe that you should never do anything in life unless you love it so much you would do it for free. My yoga practice is very special to me because I am consistent and dedicated to having my 90 minute practice everyday as my spiritual time, just me and the universe. After that, anything is possible and nothing can take my peace away. 


Tell us about your nutrition philosophy.

I constantly tell patients that so many of their chronic medical issues could be resolved by sticking to a whole foods, plant based, minimally processed diet. Rickaroons are exactly that, and tasty too. Coconut sugar has a low glycemic index that provides sustainable calories for energy. I have been practicing a Vegetarian diet since I was 12 years old and believe that more than half of each meal should be made of raw fruits, veggies, and nuts. 


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