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You want to win. You want your athletes strong, healthy, and focused.

We can help. Our team is comprised of rowers, water polo players, surfers, swimmers - people who like to win. We don't have the time or energy to waste constantly looking for healthy fuel and neither does your team.

Rickaroons are nutrient dense, delicious, and can be sent directly to your team room. No hassle, no stress, and we fit most dietary restrictions so even your paleo vegan athlete can eat. 

Our Team Package gives you a ridiculous discount. Just enter your personal code at checkout to receive it. If you DON'T have a code, email sales@rickaroons.com and we'll set you up with one.

Let us worry about what your athletes are eating so you can focus on winning.

“I will definitely be eating these during my endurance paddling training and to keep me going during the 32 miles across the Catalina Channel.”
- Carter Graves
(Paddleboard World Champion)

”I’ll eat Rickaroons for a boost before training, quick recovery snack after a weight session, or a healthy/delicious replacement for my sweet tooth.”
- Miles Craigwell
(USA Rugby Star)
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