Nice Cream Sandwiches by Sadie

This is the first guest post we've ever had so wanted to make it special. We met Sadie at Paleo(f)x in Austin, Texas this year and were so impressed by this keynote speaker, cookbook author, amazing human, oh, and 14 year old, that we had to work with her. Sadie is one of the best people you'll ever meet and as sweet as they come. She is super busy creating her own cookbook using recipes like this and others on her website at Goodies Against The Grain.(Luckily for you she was nice enough to create this piece of magic that you can use at home.) Without further ado, here's Sadie:

Double Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwiches (Vegan, Paleo)

Ice cream sandwiches are a must-have on hot summer days! You can devour these knowing that they are actually fueling your body with healthy fats and superfoods. And that’s the best kind of treat, right?! The cookies for these sandwiches are Rickaroons! I used the Mint To Be ones because I love chocolate-mint, but you can use whichever flavor of Rickaroons you like! The ice cream for these sandwiches is made with avocados. Yup, you heard me right - Ice cream made with avocado!!!! And this is seriously the creamiest ice cream I’ve ever had. You don’t need an ice cream maker to make it. And the best part? The ice cream doesn’t melt! Instead, when it warms up, it turns into a fluffy mousse. I’m really in love with it. And I know you will be too! I love connecting with fellow health and food enthusiasts, so let’s chat! My website is GoodiesAgainnstTheGrain.Com, where you can find tons of healthy treat recipes and fun cooking videos.

Makes 10 Ice Cream Sandwiches.


10 Rickaroons (or however many you have on hand; you can use less Rickaroons and have leftover ice cream, if you prefer)

2 large avocados (or 3 small ones)

½ cup cacao powder

6 Tbs maple syrup or honey

½ tsp vanilla extract

¼ tsp sea salt


1. Pulse the avocados in your food processor until there are few chunks left. Pulse in the cacao powder, syrup, vanilla and salt.

2. Keep blending until the mixture is completely fluffy and smooth. Scoop the mixture into an airtight glass container and freeze overnight. Before assembling your sandwiches, you may need the ice cream to sit out at room temperature for a few minutes, to soften.

3. Cut your Rickaroons in half, lengthwise. To assemble each one, place one ‘Roon half on a plate, place a scoop of ice cream on top, then place the other ‘Roon half on top of that. Slightly flatten the sandwich down with your hand. Repeat with other ‘Roons. Serve and enjoy!

Hi! I’m Sadie, a 14 year-old baker and lover of scrumptious, organic food. I started eating gluten-free/paleo when I was nine years old. It changed my life. I went from being sick and tired all the time, to having loads of energy and health! I have always loved yummy treats so I decided to create them myself! Baking healthy treats is my passion. I adore scouring Farmers’ Markets and hunting for fresh, seasonal ingredients to experiment with in the kitchen. I am excited to share my favorite recipes that I’ve created with the world! All the recipes on my site are paleo. That means they are free of gluten, grains, soy, dairy, and refined sugar. I hope you enjoy making my treats! If you have any questions, feel free to email me at 

See more from Sadie at:

Instagram: @goodiesagainstthegrain

Facebook: Goodies Against the Grain

Snapchat + Twitter: @goodiesATG

Warning: Rickaroons may cause Lifelong Love!

A couple of days ago we received a post on our Facebook page that was one of the most heartwarming things we've ever read. It's so beautiful that there's no way we could make this stuff up. So we will just get out of the way and let you see for yourself:

PS. This is a shoe-in for the winner of our first official month of our photo contest using the hashtag #rickarooning. We will announce a winner every month and will send a free box of Rickaroons!



Rick-or-Treat is coming soon!

The Pumpkin Pie Spice and Chocolate Rickaroon is Back!

Due to (very) popular (and loud) demand we are bringing back the Rick-or-Treat this year for all of October 1-Dec 31. Last year it was our biggest seller over the weeks that we could keep it in stock so we decided to bring back our first ever seasonal flavor for a second season. Perhaps the most "punny" of our flavors, the Rick-or-Treat puts a seasonal twist on the classic Chocolate Blonde.

The Rick-or-Treat takes our original coconut chocolate chip Chocolate Blonde and adds just the right amount of pumpkin pie spice. Get them for you, friends, or if you want to be the most beloved house in your neighborhood, get them for your Trick-or-Treaters!

Keep your New Year's Resolutions

You Can Do It:

Make "Eat Healthier" A 2015 Resolution You Can Keep

We've all been there - Dec 31, writing resolutions for the upcoming year. Some we keep, some we conveniently forget about by January 2. What's the difference? Why do some last and some don't? We are just going off our own experiences, but resolutions come down to 2 quick things:

1. Ease - are you climbing daily mountains or mole-hills? Run a marathon every day or run 3 days per week to train for a marathon. Give your New Year's resolutions a fighting chance.

2. Desire over Dread - do you look forward to your new habit? Or do you hope no one will notice that little cheater bite of [fill in the blank]?  Why not choose a goal that you will look forward to? Look forward to your healthy treat (::cough:: monthly Rickaroons delivery ::cough::) instead of hating yourself for eating that pint of ice cream.

Maybe this could be the year. Maybe this will be the year. No. This IS the year that you finally commit to a healthy New Year's resolution. Not just January, but the whole year. And although we have a slightly vested interest here, we think Rickaroons could help. Here are 6 reasons why Rickaroons can help you stay true to your 2015 New Year's Resolution to cut down on sweets/eat healthier/eat Paleo/eat Vegan or eat more tasty AND healthy food:

1. Our Megaroons and Chocolate Blondes have 3 grams of sugar which is equal to 1/4 of a banana.

2. The sweetener we use is Coconut Palm Nectar - a low-glycemic, slow burning, nutrient dense, eco-friendly sweetener derived from the nectar of coconut palm trees.

3. Rickaroons are certified Paleo Friendly and 100% Vegan. So if you are planning on going either direction and fear leaving sweets behind, fear not.

4. Literally eat them any time of day AND feel good about it. 

5. So handy. Every Rickaroon is individually packaged air tight and ready to hit the road with you.

6. Coconut has been called the tropical tree of life. Three of our five core ingredients are from coconut.

Bonus: Did we mention how delicious they are?

"Eat healthier"

"Go Vegan"

"Go Paleo" 

"Eat less sugar"

Your resolutions are your business. Making them easier is our business.

Sign up for a monthly delivery and get built in discounts every month, plus early access to new flavors.

Rick-or-Treat: The Flavor of the People

It has been a while since we released a new flavor and with the holidays right around the corner we figured it was time. We had an idea to incorporate fall's favorite flavor - pumpkin. We weren't sure about using chocolate and we didn't have a name. Thanks to huge amounts of Rickaroons fan participation we went with chocolate and the name "Rick-or-Treat" which beat out the other favorite fan suggestion: "Ricktoberfest". We want to thank all of the Rickaroons fans who gave us suggestions for either chocolate or no, and gave us some phenomenally creative and often pun-centric names.

The Rick-or-Treat will be around for about 6 weeks so get 'em while you can while supplies last!

Big 2 Weeks

As we grow Rickaroons, one of the most rewarding parts is how others want us to succeed. Every day we get submissions from our fans of cafes, coffee shops, juice bars, and more retail outlets that we should sell Rickaroons. This past week these recommendations have turned into 3 awesome events.

Rickaroons are sold at:

1. Newbreak Coffee in downtown San Diego at 690 1st Ave. Recommended by a friend of RIckaroons.

2. Juice Wave - a mobile juiced-to-order truck. Was connected to the owner of Jucie Wave by a friend who teaches yoga. 

3. Pura VIda Yoga Center - downtown San Diego on Island Ave. Met the owner at the Little Italy farmers market.

4. Gearbox Rx - our first retailer in Michigan. Contacted us out of the blue.

5. Farsk Juice - Brooklyn?! Yes. Brooklyn. Referred by a great customer who found Rickaroons at the farmers market.

The moral of this story is that the best way to help Rickaroons is tell a friend about us. Word of mouth has been a driving force behind our amazing growth. Keep it going and tell people about us, give them our email, or tell us where we should sell Rickaroons by entering suggestions here.

Happy Valentine's Day Week

Rickaroons wants to wish everyone out there a happy Valentine's Day week. We would like to take this time to voice our appreciation for all of our amazing fans and customers. This past week we partnered with the Paleo Mom to give away a Variety Pack to one of her followers. The promotion was such a success that after one day of online orders we totally sold out of our Megaroons. Obviously we do not want to be selling out because we had to find some alternative solutions (replacing the Megaroon or shipping two days later than normal), but it is a good problem to have. A lot of people who fill out the survey say that they have heard about Rickaroons from a friend and will tell their friends about Rickaroons. This is the highest form of flattery for us and has been a huge key to our recent growth.

It seems that every week we are gaining new customers, both individuals AND coffee shops, yoga studios, etc. Stay posted by going to

Happy Valentine's Day.

- Rickaroons


New Farmers Markets

We've had a lot of people request that we start to expand to new farmers markets - so we did it! Last week we were at our first ever Pacific Beach and North Park Markets. As we start to expand to more markets we will need some new Rickaroon lovers to work our tables. If you are interested, please let us know via No experience is necessary, just an obvious passion for Rickaroons. Email us right now if you are intersted.



we get suggestions

This has been a very exciting week in the evolution of Rickaroons with respect to where you'll be able to find us besides our own website. Every day and 50 times on Sundays (at the Farmer's Market in La Jolla), we get suggestions as to where to sell Rickaroons. Logically, we're going to grow locally first, while continuing to sell to US customers via the postal service. By the end of 2013 (and possibly by the end of October), we will have distribution to coffee houses, smoothie bars and juice bars up and down Southern California. Of course we will keep you posted on those developments.
Secondly, we will be working hard to place Rickaroons in's system, so you can order directly from the world's largest grocery store ( These phases will kick in when our packaging is completed. Of course that process is underway right now.  

In the meantime, thanks for ALL your support and suggestions, and if you're in town on Sunday, wake up and come find us at the Farmer's Market in La Jolla.  

Rickarooners - winning!

"Rickaroons taste good." "Rickaroons make you feel good." "Rickaroons are good sources of energy." "Rickaroons are good sources of long lasting energy." "Rickaroons don't leave a rock in your stomach." "Rickaroons are great for endurance events."

These are all claims we make on a daily basis at farmers markets, to new customers, and to ourselves. This past weekend we were able to put the claim to the test. We gave Rickaroons to four individuals aiming to complete the arduous, grind-it-out, mind-over-body, 6+ hour, 32 mile Catalina Classic. The Classic is a race from the island of Catalina to the USA mainland in San Clemente. It is a grueling 32 mile race that starts at dawn and lasts well over 6 hours, rain or shine, wind or currents.

The race is too long to do without re-energizing so competitors must have a smart race plan for nutrition. They must refuel ever 30-60 minutes to make sure they don't "bonk" during the later half of the race. Four of the paddlers this year decided to use Rickaroons as  part of their mid-race fuel source: three gentlemen and one prestigious lady. The  three men were Wes Fransway, Erin Morgan, and Doug Smith. They all had great races, this being the first Catalina Class for Erin and Wes. 

Carter Graves is one of our most accomplished Rickarooners, being a true competitor who is constantly expanding her competitive horizons. At the ripe age of 21 she already has a resume that has more wins than anything else - full of open water swims, paddles, surfing and bodysurfing titles. Yesterday she added one of the world's biggest Paddleboarding titles: Catalina Classic.

No one who knows Carter is surprised by her victory, but everyone is impressed. She trained hard, had a great race plan, and completed a phenomenal race.

What is next for Carter? Who knows, but there are only 364 days until she gets to defend her Catalina Classic title...

That's a good sized trophy, Carter.  Photo credit: Alban Cornic   

That's a good sized trophy, Carter.

Photo credit: Alban Cornic  

Paleo world gets wind of Rickaroons

A few days ago we sent a variety pack of Rickaroons to a woman who blogs about the Paleo lifestyle. The day she received them, she liked them so much that she posted to her Instagram a picture of the Rickaroons and a short descriptions. That day we had a month's worth of orders, new Facebook likes, and surge in Instagram followers. So thank you to Paleo Cupboard for the shout out. We are happy that we didn't pay her anything other than a dozen Rickaroons to try, and the ripples of her post are still being felt. We had thousands of views of our website more than normal and a flurry of orders as people realize they don't have to sacrifice taste in order to eat healthy. We are proud to be this tasty, healthy option for all sorts of different dietary communities. 

New Places

We have had a great last week or so, getting into three new new spots. The first is Mission Beach Coffee Break in, believe it or not, Mission Beach. A lifeguard favorite, this spot was recommended to us by future lifeguard sergeant Jayme and started selling Rickaroons today, July 16. The second spot is Sea Side Smoothie, the smoothie shop located inside of Bird Rock Surf Shop. Perfect food for surfers before waves, after waves, and during waves (pictures coming soon). 

The third spot is thanks to one of our founders - Janalyn. She has just opened a surf inspired yoga studio, inside of a surf inspired art gallery called Surfindian. Surfindian Yoga is rapidly going through Rickaroons like there is no tomorrow. Except there is a tomorrow. Which happens to be a great day to do yoga! Check out the picture of one of Janalyn's students doing a handstand to live music. Every Tuesday. Good stuff. 

90% of Rickaroon locations are west of the I-5 and along a 3 mile stretch. We want to change that and come to a cafe or coffee shop or coffee cart near you. Please tell us where we should sell Rickaroons! If you make an introduction that leads to us getting into a new place, we will give you a dozen Rickaroons. Post on our facebook page or email us at  


USA Olympic Women's Skiing Team

Today I had the opportunity and fortune to work out with USA women's Olympic downhill ski team. The firefighters at the nearby firehouse often work out at the beach near the lifeguard station, and sometimes the lifeguards will jump right in alongside. Well today the Olympians, Firefighters, and Lifeguards joined forces to inspire each other in one hot, sandy, beach workout. I have exercised with a lot of great athletes but never an entire Olympic team. Today I was in for a treat as 8 of the girls on the women's Olympic ski team came especially to work out with us.

We pulled fire hose for a couple hours, ran a in some deep soft sand, and swam through PB Crystal Pier. By the end, the 8 Olympians and the firefighters were all starving so naturally we had to break out the Rickaroons! Some of the girls were pumped about the Rickaroons being Gluten Free, some about them being vegan. But every one of them had a big smile after eating their first, and then second, and some of them, third Rickaroon. We've decided to be an unofficial sponsor, so we came back the next day to deliver more Rickaroons to the girls. They earned it!

Who knows what our connection to the US Olympic Women's Downhill Skiing Team will be in the future, but it sure was fun seeing America's athletic representatives crushing workouts and then crushing Rickaroons.  

We will see you next week Mr. Farmers Market

We didn't really know what to expect. Would people try our product? Would the weather comply? Would we be able to compete a few booths from the Cravery? There were so many what-ifs leading into the first farmers market ever for Rickaroons. A huge learning experience, we left happy, satisfied, and most importantly - confirmed by the masses. Towards the end of the day we had rows of people at our table three or four people deep. We literally couldn't cut the samples fast enough. So thank you to everyone who came to the market - the family from Idaho, the girls from Canada, the kids who demanded Rickaroons from their parents, and everyone else who made our first farmers market a success. 

See you Sunday! 9am-1pm, La Jolla Elementary

First Farmers Market - La Jolla Elementary Sundays

Doing something for the first time always seems to be a longer process than expected. But after tons of work, we are finally ready to be at our first ever farmers market! This Sunday, June 16, La Jolla Elementary School, 7335 Girard, Rickaroons will be sold like never our own hand! So if you have a spare moment this Sunday, we would love to see as many friends as possible swing by and try Rickaroons and see them in the air tight packaging that gives these bad boys a full two month shelf life.  

Hope to see you there! 

Iron Man Champion Susan Norman Photo Shoot with Grandsons

We had the good fortune of working with Susan Norman, Iron Man World Champion, this past weekend. Janalyn and I don't usually feel like the most nonathletic people in the room, but that's how it felt when we were with Susan, her husband, two of her three sons, and their wives. Every single one of them had completed at least one Iron Man. Of course we were there for Susan, since she is a champion of champions. At age 72 she is an inspiration to people of all ages. It wasn't until she had 3 sons that she started training for triathlons and at 71 she won her latest Iron Man - the big kahuna - Kona. Humble as pie, Susan's husband has to be the one to boast of her accomplishments or else no one would know that she wins every race she competes in and is running out of room to store all her gold medals.

The photo shoot went great with Susan, as expected. The funniest part though was the priceless face on her grandson's face after an unfortunate turn of events stemming from a shortage of Rickaroons. The whole day the two 2-year old grandsons, Noah and Calvin, were eating Rickaroons like it was their job. However when we finally turned the camera towards them, we were out of Rickaroons - minus the one that Calvin had dropped in the salty bay water. I figured getting him to eat it would be like taking candy from a baby. Apparently it was not. Calvin was vehemently opposed to water logged Rickaroons and let me know he was unhappy. The emotional progression from delight to disgust was perfectly photographed and documented below. I guess the important thing is that we learned that Rickaroons soaking wet in the salty water of Mission Bay do not taste as good as freshly baked, non-soaking wet Rickaroons. We never would have known were it not for Calvin. For that, we would like to take a minute and thank Calvin for teaching us a valuable lesson. Thanks Cal!

First cafes sell out in less than a week

We had our first two retail customers last week - JA Java downtown and Te Mana Cafe in OB. Both ordered a few dozen and both called today to let us know that they were all sold out and would like to double their orders. It's a great feeling to know that complete strangers love Rickaroons as much as all of our friends do. It confirms that most people weren't just being nice when they had that first moment of delight at their first bite of a Rickaroon.

So thanks to everyone supporting us out there. The suggestions for cafes we should contact are extremely appreciated. If you have any suggestions, let us know in this survey that will take you 10 seconds: Cafes That Should Sell Rickaroons

Te Mana Cafe

Today will go down as a big day in the history of Rickaroons. Janalyn serendipitously ran into some old friends on Friday. Since seeing her last, her friends had started Te Mana Cafe, a Hawaiian themed cafe in Ocean Beach, one block west from OB People's. Janalyn just happened to have some Rickaroon samples to share and the owners of course loved them. They ordered two dozen on the spot. Today my dad and I stopped in to make a personal delivery and met one of the owners and her son (who ate two of the samples before we could even finalize our first sale). 

Long story short - one dozen Megaroons and one dozen Origiroons are now eagerly awaiting the first ever retail customers of Rickaroons. Swing by 4956 Voltaire in Ocean Beach and grab a Rickaroon today.

Oh happy day.

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