Open Doors

Every day it seems like a new door opens. Or maybe it's a window of opportunity. Regardless of the metaphor you want to choose, big things are happening. We are in the process of setting up a test bake which will yield us 600 Rickaroons. Naturally we want to have a place for these 600 Rickaroons to go, so we've been stepping up the sales now that we have the foundation built. So far we've met coffee cart owners, cafe owners, wine bar owners, and even winery owners who all think that Rickaroons are the best thing since sliced bread, if sliced bread were to pair perfectly with coffee or wine. We're also getting new Rickarooners all the time. We are getting great feedback on the pictures we post of our Rickarooners so we will keep them coming. One of these days we will have a photo contest for Citizen Rickarooners. The possibilities are endless. Building a business is a lot of work, but this business is a happy one.