Te Mana Cafe

Today will go down as a big day in the history of Rickaroons. Janalyn serendipitously ran into some old friends on Friday. Since seeing her last, her friends had started Te Mana Cafe, a Hawaiian themed cafe in Ocean Beach, one block west from OB People's. Janalyn just happened to have some Rickaroon samples to share and the owners of course loved them. They ordered two dozen on the spot. Today my dad and I stopped in to make a personal delivery and met one of the owners and her son (who ate two of the samples before we could even finalize our first sale). 

Long story short - one dozen Megaroons and one dozen Origiroons are now eagerly awaiting the first ever retail customers of Rickaroons. Swing by 4956 Voltaire in Ocean Beach and grab a Rickaroon today.

Oh happy day.

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