Iron Man Champion Susan Norman Photo Shoot with Grandsons

We had the good fortune of working with Susan Norman, Iron Man World Champion, this past weekend. Janalyn and I don't usually feel like the most nonathletic people in the room, but that's how it felt when we were with Susan, her husband, two of her three sons, and their wives. Every single one of them had completed at least one Iron Man. Of course we were there for Susan, since she is a champion of champions. At age 72 she is an inspiration to people of all ages. It wasn't until she had 3 sons that she started training for triathlons and at 71 she won her latest Iron Man - the big kahuna - Kona. Humble as pie, Susan's husband has to be the one to boast of her accomplishments or else no one would know that she wins every race she competes in and is running out of room to store all her gold medals.

The photo shoot went great with Susan, as expected. The funniest part though was the priceless face on her grandson's face after an unfortunate turn of events stemming from a shortage of Rickaroons. The whole day the two 2-year old grandsons, Noah and Calvin, were eating Rickaroons like it was their job. However when we finally turned the camera towards them, we were out of Rickaroons - minus the one that Calvin had dropped in the salty bay water. I figured getting him to eat it would be like taking candy from a baby. Apparently it was not. Calvin was vehemently opposed to water logged Rickaroons and let me know he was unhappy. The emotional progression from delight to disgust was perfectly photographed and documented below. I guess the important thing is that we learned that Rickaroons soaking wet in the salty water of Mission Bay do not taste as good as freshly baked, non-soaking wet Rickaroons. We never would have known were it not for Calvin. For that, we would like to take a minute and thank Calvin for teaching us a valuable lesson. Thanks Cal!

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