USA Olympic Women's Skiing Team

Today I had the opportunity and fortune to work out with USA women's Olympic downhill ski team. The firefighters at the nearby firehouse often work out at the beach near the lifeguard station, and sometimes the lifeguards will jump right in alongside. Well today the Olympians, Firefighters, and Lifeguards joined forces to inspire each other in one hot, sandy, beach workout. I have exercised with a lot of great athletes but never an entire Olympic team. Today I was in for a treat as 8 of the girls on the women's Olympic ski team came especially to work out with us.

We pulled fire hose for a couple hours, ran a in some deep soft sand, and swam through PB Crystal Pier. By the end, the 8 Olympians and the firefighters were all starving so naturally we had to break out the Rickaroons! Some of the girls were pumped about the Rickaroons being Gluten Free, some about them being vegan. But every one of them had a big smile after eating their first, and then second, and some of them, third Rickaroon. We've decided to be an unofficial sponsor, so we came back the next day to deliver more Rickaroons to the girls. They earned it!

Who knows what our connection to the US Olympic Women's Downhill Skiing Team will be in the future, but it sure was fun seeing America's athletic representatives crushing workouts and then crushing Rickaroons.  

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