Happy Valentine's Day Week

Rickaroons wants to wish everyone out there a happy Valentine's Day week. We would like to take this time to voice our appreciation for all of our amazing fans and customers. This past week we partnered with the Paleo Mom to give away a Variety Pack to one of her followers. The promotion was such a success that after one day of online orders we totally sold out of our Megaroons. Obviously we do not want to be selling out because we had to find some alternative solutions (replacing the Megaroon or shipping two days later than normal), but it is a good problem to have. A lot of people who fill out the survey say that they have heard about Rickaroons from a friend and will tell their friends about Rickaroons. This is the highest form of flattery for us and has been a huge key to our recent growth.

It seems that every week we are gaining new customers, both individuals AND coffee shops, yoga studios, etc. Stay posted by going to www.rickaroons.com/map

Happy Valentine's Day.

- Rickaroons

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