Rickarooners - winning!

"Rickaroons taste good." "Rickaroons make you feel good." "Rickaroons are good sources of energy." "Rickaroons are good sources of long lasting energy." "Rickaroons don't leave a rock in your stomach." "Rickaroons are great for endurance events."

These are all claims we make on a daily basis at farmers markets, to new customers, and to ourselves. This past weekend we were able to put the claim to the test. We gave Rickaroons to four individuals aiming to complete the arduous, grind-it-out, mind-over-body, 6+ hour, 32 mile Catalina Classic. The Classic is a race from the island of Catalina to the USA mainland in San Clemente. It is a grueling 32 mile race that starts at dawn and lasts well over 6 hours, rain or shine, wind or currents.

The race is too long to do without re-energizing so competitors must have a smart race plan for nutrition. They must refuel ever 30-60 minutes to make sure they don't "bonk" during the later half of the race. Four of the paddlers this year decided to use Rickaroons as  part of their mid-race fuel source: three gentlemen and one prestigious lady. The  three men were Wes Fransway, Erin Morgan, and Doug Smith. They all had great races, this being the first Catalina Class for Erin and Wes. 

Carter Graves is one of our most accomplished Rickarooners, being a true competitor who is constantly expanding her competitive horizons. At the ripe age of 21 she already has a resume that has more wins than anything else - full of open water swims, paddles, surfing and bodysurfing titles. Yesterday she added one of the world's biggest Paddleboarding titles: Catalina Classic.

No one who knows Carter is surprised by her victory, but everyone is impressed. She trained hard, had a great race plan, and completed a phenomenal race.

What is next for Carter? Who knows, but there are only 364 days until she gets to defend her Catalina Classic title...

That's a good sized trophy, Carter.  Photo credit: Alban Cornic   

That's a good sized trophy, Carter.

Photo credit: Alban Cornic  

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