Brandon Pomerantz - Triathlete, San Diego Beach Lifeguard

Favorite Rickaroon: Megaroon - The Super Food Roon

Athletic Achievements: 

  • NCAA II Track & Field All- American
  • Three-Time NCAA II National Cross Country Championships Competitor
  • Honor Guard for the 42nd San Diego Regional Lifeguard Academy
  • 4:10 Mile Run

When do you enjoy Rickaroons?  I eat Rickaroons before my morning runs, on the bike, and as a recovery food after a challenging workout. 

How did you rise to the top? Hands down, the most important aspect of being a successful person is being consistent in everything that you do. I have always been a very intrinsically motivated person. I feel that if you want something badly enough that you must make the proper choices in order to reach your goals. Rickaroons are a wonderful example of a positive choice that will make an impact on your life. 

How does nutrition play a role your life? I try and discourage a “dieting” mindset, while promoting a nutrition plan that supports good, overall health, metabolism and vitality. I prefer the approach to eating that can be maintained for a lifetime. I advocate lifestyle change, food quality, and common‐sense portions as important components of achieving and maintaining a healthy body. 

Making practical and balanced decisions in regards to when and what we eat, includes consciously being aware of why we eat, and recognizing that the choices we make directly impact how we feel, perform and look.

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