Carter Graves: Water Woman

2015 United States Surf Lifesaving Female High Point Winner / Board and American Ironwoman National Champion

2015 ISA World Championship Indivividual Bronze and Silver Medalist / Team Gold for USA

2014 Molokai 2 Oahu Paddleboard World Championship winner in women's stock

2014 Catalina Classic Paddleboard Race Women's Champion (set Catalina Classic women's course record with a time of 6:08.05)

4 time silver medalist in the 2014 ISA World Paddleboard and SUP Championships as a member of Team USA

Member of Team California at the 2014 and 2015 Wieland Shield Surf Lifesaving Competition

2013 1st. place Waterman Challenge (15 Miles)

2013 1st Place The Loop Race, Coronado (12 Mi)

2013 1st Place Malibu Downwinder (7 Mi)

2013 1st Place Seaside Slide (7 Mil)

2013 1st Place Hanohano Huki Ocean Challenge (4.5 Mi)

2012 1st Place Coronado Chainsaw Massacre Race (7 Mi)

Body Surf
Body surfing champion in 2012 URT WOMP in Coronado (hand-plane division)

Finalist in the 2012 Jimmy Reilly Memorial Longboard Classic in Coronado

Swim - Open water swimming champion in... 
2011 La Jolla Pier to Cove Swim
2011 Coronado 4th of July Rough Water Swim
2011 Newport Pier to Pier Swim

 When do you eat Rickaroons? I definitely have a sweet tooth, but Rickaroons gives me the best of both worlds by letting me enjoy sweets in a healthy way.  I like Rickaroons before I surf in the morning to start my day or to keep me going during a long day working the beach where being alert at all times is critical.  I also like that Rickaroons has made a flavor specifically designed for athletes to sustain energy during activity and recover after a long workout.  I will definitely be eating these during my endurance paddling training and to keep my going during the 32 miles across the Catalina Channel.




Favorite Rickaroon: Megaroon 

Tell us a little about yourself. I am a waterwomen.  I paddle, surf, womp, lifeguard, swim, and live my life with the rhythm of the ocean. My passion for the ocean led me to start lifeguarding at Coronado beach and I hope to continue working here in the years to come.  Although I pursue all ocean sports, my greatest strength is on the prone paddleboard (not standup). I have competed and won a number of races this season already and am training to compete in the 2016 Molokai to Oahu race, the 32 mile test to truly become a waterman/woman.  My greatest drive comes from the energy of the ocean and utilizing every aspect of it in my life.

 How does nutrition play a role in your training?  I believe that nutrition is one of the most important aspects of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. You truly are what you eat.  Nutrition is especially important in my training for paddling. If I am not eating a healthy and well balanced diet, my performance definitely suffers.  I am huge on eating organic and locally grown foods and staying away from any genetically altered or processed foods.  

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