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Favorite Rickaroon?

Pumpkin Spice and Mocha

How did you rise to the top of your field?

I was born in Japan as a military brat and lived there until I was 11 years old.  My family moved to Dayton, Ohio and I embraced a whole new culture here in the United States. Volleyball was a sport that caught my interest over the next few years. I played ten competitive Junior Olympic seasons, up until my senior year where unfortunately I suffered a shoulder injury. At that moment, sadly, I had changed my aspirations to focus on other aspects of my life.  A few years upon graduating high school was when I fell in love with the sport of disc golf. 

I first stumbled upon the sport by casually playing with friends, where I quickly became fascinated with it.

Since disc golf is a sport where I compete against the course, and not along side teammates, there was never anyone to put blame on but myself. I love that aspect of the game, and I strive each day to get better at it physically and mentally.

How does nutrition play a role in your life?

I definitely try to pay attention to the foods I eat, though I do not follow a strict regimen. I try to eat smaller, healthier meals throughout the day so I feel lighter and not weighed down by a big meal. Rickaroons plays a big role in this, as one bar will keep me feeling nourished as though I had just eaten a light meal. I keep it simple with lots of greens, fruits and small portions of proteins. Of course I indulge in other things occasionally, but luckily Rickaroons hits that sweet tooth when I need it too!

When and why do you eat Rickaroons?

I typically eat Rickaroons during my disc golf rounds or during practice. I always make sure that I’m nourished before my rounds, but sometimes each round may be 4-5 hours and I start to become hungry. Rickaroons is perfect for that because it tastes great and is enough to hold me over throughout. I had become fond of them fairly quickly because of the lifestyle they supported. You are what you eat, and as an athlete- nutrition is crucial. Rickaroons are amazing because of the simple ingredients that go into them. These snacks naturally fuel your body in a light and healthy way, and that is something I stand behind. Personally, I love to enjoy a Rickaroon for breakfast or during my disc golf rounds, as they often last a few hours.

It’s rare to be a professional disc golfer, so how did you manage it?

Involving myself in local clubs and weekly leagues almost immediately, I played my first sanctioned Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) event six months later. Before taking a leap into the professional field, I competed in the women’s amateur division for just over one full year. During my time as an amateur, I had reached some personal milestones:

1st in 2017 United States Women’s Championship

1st in the Glass Blown Open

1st in the 2018 Women’s Global Event

4th in Amateur World Championships.