Gerrit Adams 

Professional Water Polo Player, Iron Man Finisher

 Favorite Rickaroon: Chocoroon - Double Chocolate

 What are you training for right now? To swim 70 miles across Lake Michigan...straight.

Athletic Achievements:  

  • Ironman Wisconsin
  • Ironman Rhode Island 70.3
  • Water Polo in Australia
  • D1 Water Polo Captain at Brown University
  • All-North, All-East Conference Collegiate Water Polo Player

 When do you most benefit from Rickaroons? I eat Rickaroons whenever my body is in need of the basic nutritional building blocks - aka during the swim across Lake Michigan.

What drives you to conquer new sports or do things like train to swim across Lake Michigan? When I realized it could be completed through hard work... but the odds were against me. 

Nutritional Outlook: During races, there are specific and strict nutrition philosophies to follow - i.e. 8oz alternating water and gatorade every 30 minutes, and alternating a gu or clif bar every 45 minutes.

Day to day, I make sure I get enough protein after workouts.