Favorite Rickaroon?


How did you rise to the top of your field?

I wake up each day knowing that I can do and be better than the day before. I feel the urge to pursue triathlon and rise to the top of the sport. I feel it in my bones. Having the mindset of working harder and smarter than my fellow competitors in my sport which often end up being more of the little things than the big things.

How does nutrition play a role in your life?

Next to sleep, nutrition is the next biggest thing in my book. I am a huge experimenter but have come to the conclusion that my body works best on a very simple diet. This includes bucket sized salads daily, veggie galore, A LOT of coconut, nuts, fish, avocado and some eggs. I would consider myself mostly fat adapted which is how Rickaroons and I have a deep love, especially on my longer training sessions.

When do you eat Rickaroons?

I bring along Rickaroons mostly on my 2-5 hour long cycle sessions. Instead of fueling my body with sugar bombs like gels and other high sugar products, I choose Rickaroons for their sustainable energy and incomparable, satisfying taste. They are a dream energy product in my book. I am sure to pack several boxes when traveling for competition as I KNOW they will always be a reliable source of nutrition and energy. In fact, I practically lived off of Rickaroons competing in an Adventure race in BORA BORA. I will also have them on top of some coconut milk ice cream on the weekends as a little treat :)

How you doing?

NCAA All-American Student Athlete ( swimming) at Nova Southeastern University 2016

1st Overall Female San Diego Super Sprint Triathlon 2016

1st Overall Female Tri Rock Triathlon 2016

1st Overall Female 10k open water swim Waterman Tahiti Tour Bora Bora 2017

6th overall Female Malibu Nautica Triathlon 2017

First Overall Female Santa Monica Ocean Festival 2017

1st Overall Female 5k open water swim at Waterman Tahiti Tour Huahine, 2017

2nd Overall Female WATERWOMAN at Waterman Tahiti Tour Huahine 2018

5th overall Female Time trial at Haute Route San Francisco 2018

7th overall & youngest female at Haute Route San Francisco

Currently training alongside the USA Developmental Triathlon Team working to rise to the top of the sport of Triathlon

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