Kathryn McCann - Ballerina, Yogi, Stand Up Paddler, Marathoner

Favorite Rickaroon: Chocolate Blonde - The Original Flavor

When do you eat Rickaroons? I eat Rickaroons after a yoga class or long paddle to refuel my body.

Nutrition Lifestyle:  I'm vegetarian. Although I realize this specific nutrition philosophy is not beneficial for everyone, it has proven to be successful for me. I have been on a strict plant based diet for over 20 years now. 

How was the transition from the world of professional ballet to yoga?  I studied ballet my entire life and recently made the transition into the yoga field. Although I'm happy to have my roots in the ballet world in terms of discipline, technique, strength and grace, I'm pleased that my focus is on the healing and meditative quality of yoga. It has multiple benefits for the mind, body and soul which has enhanced my practice both on and off the mat. Everyday I wake up, inspired to learn something new and expand my body and mind to its highest potential. It has been very rewarding to me as both a practitioner and teacher. 

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