LaShay Marks - Obstacle Course Racing Machine

What motivates you to compete? 

I'm a former Sgt of the United States Marine Corps. First Obstacle race was Reebok Spartan Race March, 2011 in Chandler AZ. This race would be the first of many that reignited a fire inside my belly that had pretty much flamed out since being out of the Marine Corps.

My motivation comes from serving others and seeing them succeed. My passion and drive comes from seeing my mother who never complained, raised me blind, she has diabetes, and she most recently had her 2nd leg removed do to diabetes complications.

My most recent and most proudest accomplishment would be taking a leap of faith and starting my own fitness company named Phoenix Evolution OCR (Obstacle Course Race Training). The company gives people of all fitness levels a place to train for obstacle racing. Mentally, spiritually, and physically we all are constantly evolving into the final product that the universe intended us to be. Phoenix Evolution OCR training focuses on motivating and helping people create balance, along with personal growth, self-awareness, and inspiring people to make healthy lifestyle changes. To be a phoenix, is to rise from the ashes and recreate yourself. We are always recreating ourselves in pursuit of happiness, love, fitness, health, and peace of mind.

When do you eat Rickaroons?

I eat Rickaroons before and after an Obstacle race or intense training session. I eat them because Im impressed with the quality, taste, and how great I felt after consuming them. Rickaroons are a well rounded nutritional snack thats good for sustained energy, and post recovery.

How does nutrition play a role in your life?

My nutrition philosophy is eat everything in moderation. I try and stay away from carbs, and the traditional soul foods I grew up on living in the South. My nutrition mainly consists of, fruits, nuts, vegetables, chicken, and fish. I have cut out red meat in my diet almost entirely.  

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