5 Back to School Lunchbox Ideas!


Whether you or your kid are eating from the lunchbox, we’ve got you covered.

There are only so many days you can eat a pb&j sandwich with apple slices, a cookie, baby carrots, and maybe some juice. It’s hard making up new, tasty AND healthy things to eat when taste buds are changing at every bell ring. We compiled a list of new lunchbox ideas for you to mix it up and to give your peanut butter jar a rest. Feel free to adjust any ingredients for allergies or nightmares you may have had about tomatoes.

  1. Fruit Jars on the GO!

    We’re changing the school fruit game by taking your apple and raising you a piña colada. (kind of). Take any fruit combination below and toss it in a jar for later! Here are our favorite fruit combos:

    • watermelon, lime juice, mint

    • pineapple, mint

    • pineapple, coconut chunks

    • frozen mango, raspberries

    • apple, lemon juice, cinnamon

  2. Not Your Bag of Baby Carrots

    My older brother played baseball my entire childhood, so almost every day after school I was eating an entire bag of Trader Joe’s baby carrots, wandering around the baseball fields munching away. Fast forward through high school and those orange fingers were in every packed lunch. Seriously. I was very grateful my parents were able to pack me food, but I was rarely excited to eat. Here are some fun ways to get excited about your veggies again! Pick your favorite, toss all the ingredients in a Stasher bag and have an awesome day!

    • sliced carrots, lemon juice, minced garlic

    • sliced cucumbers, balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper

    • grate carrots and mix with lemon juice and black pepper

    • homemade cauliflower tabouli (grate a cauliflower and mix with chopped parsley, olive oil, lemon juice, sliced tomatoes, salt, pepper, and any other spices you love! Let the veggies “marinate” in their juices before serving.)

  3. Main Course

    The pb&j is a classic and we still TO THIS DAY will eat one with a smile on our face, but you have your whole life to lazily make one for dinner at 10pm. Let’s change your lunch game today and get excited about food!

    • homemade nori rolls

    • homemade asian rice (dice and cook your favorite veggies and rice separately, then mix together in a frying pan with ginger, garlic, and a little tamari. SO GOOD as leftovers.)

    • spring rolls with a peanut dipping sauce (test these at home first so your kid is familiar with what they are first!)

    • peanut butter, jelly, and Sriracha sandwich (trust us- delicious, just ease into the hot sauce at first)

    • peanut butter, banana, and hemp seed sandwich

  4. Dessert

    We always had our parents homemade cookies on hand so do whatever you’re comfortable with! If your kid doesn’t get sugar, then they don’t get sugar. More than likely your kid is trying trading for someone else’s chocolate pudding at school, so let’s give them something they may actually keep ;)

    • homemade nutella (mix your favorite nut butter with melted dark chocolate) and apple slices

    • Rickaroon (shameless plus #ad #sponsored)

    • dates stuffed with peanut butter and chocolate chips

    • homemade rice krispy treats

    • chocolate bark (homemade with dried berries and seeds!)