Mike Doleac - NBA veteran and Crossfit Competitor

 Favorite Rickaroon: Origiroon - The Original Flavor

Favorite time to eat Rickaroons: I enjoy Rickaroons with a glass of whisky to unwind at the end of a long day.

Athletic Achievements: 

  • Played on University of Utah's final four team in 1998.
  • First team academic all american in 1998
  • Member of the Miami Heat's 2006 championship team

Nutritional Outlook: Nutrition is a huge part of my life, as my wife is a nutritionist who loves to cook and educate me on the latest research and ideas that are out there in the field.  I get the benefit of all the good food she cooks, so we all eat very well, in our opinion.  We try to live a "paleo" or primal lifestyle, focusing on minimally processed, naturally raised and grown foods, spending time outside playing and exploring, getting good sleep, and taking time to unplug from modern life from time to time. 

How did you rise to the top? I was raised an Army brat, where I learned to work hard and play hard.  My parents and Coach Majerus have had a major impact on my life by teaching me honesty, integrity, work ethic, and the ability to lose gracefully.  All I did in basketball to get to the NBA was work as hard as I could to maximize my abilities on the court.

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