Miles Craigwell - USA Rugby Star

Favorite Rickaroon: Origiroon - The Original Flavor

When do you eat Rickaroons? I'll eat Rickaroons for a boost before training, quick recovery snack after a weight session, or a healthy/delicious replacement for my sweet tooth.

How does nutrition play a role in your training and day to day life? Nutrition is crucial in athletics. At the professional/international level, nutrition plays a huge role with recovery, performance, and fitness. It's a great vantage point against competitors. At this level, any legal advantage you can get is key! Don't do drugs!

Tell us about your motivation. My family is my motivation. Everyone in my immediate family played sports growing up and through college. It served us all pretty well and opened up windows of opportunity. Being the best I can, while I can, is my drive. I hope to leave a legacy as my parents did, so that my children have someone to look up to.



Miles with his championship club rubgy team. Yes - they are all eating Rickaroons.

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