A Founder's Story, by Rickaroons Creator - Rick LeBeau 

                      Rickaroon Founder - Rick 


Love of cookies and love for a woman inspired the first attempts to create an irresistible cookie. After going through stages of being wheat-free, then gluten-free, I ultimately hit upon the idea to go completely flourless. I wanted to create a cookie I craved for dessert, but was nutritious, too, so it could be the kind of fuel I needed before, during, or after my workouts.

The final product is what we now call the Rickaroon. It is the All-Of-The-Above Cookie: whether you are buying your cookie simply for the taste and texture, or if you want it to be gluten-free, vegan, 100% organic, soy-free or even certified as Paleo-friendly, Rickaroons are for you. 

Rickaroons are built on coconut and almond butter, which not only taste great together, but yield a nice, slow-burning fuel for your body. 

Rickaroons= the perfect dessert fuel: no flour, all power

Rick LeBeau


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