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December 2015 Winner @kristindolloff

How to Win Rickaroons:

Step 1: Take an awesome* picture with a Rickaroon.

Step 2: Share and #rickarooning

Step 3: Eat. Win. Repeat


*Drinking coffee, practicing Warrior II, surfing, traveling, etc.

Bonus points for creativity!

At least one winner announced monthly.

November's Winner: @duckheadz

Why does a picture with no Rickaroon win?

Read the story below.

November 20, 2015

8 Months ago I met a new friend from my gym for coffee. I brought a Rickaroon to share because I love them and I love to share the Rickaroon goodness whenever I get a box. A few weeks later he asked "what was in that Rickaroon?" as he confessed he was quite smitten with me. We began dating and that phrase was often repeated as well as many others similar like "Those Rickaroons should have a "May cause you to fall in love" warning label on the box!" I am happy to say that whatever was in that particular Rickaroon was permanent and had lasting side effects like not being able to stand on two feet but instead to fall on one knee and propose. That Rickaroon secret ingredient worked both ways and I said yes! Thanks, Rick for baking some love into that particular batch! #rickarooning

-Kristen C.

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