...And Then A New Flavor Idea Popped Into My Head

This weekend was a great opportunity to sample out some 'roons to the assembled denizens at the Virginia State Frisbee Championships. Since I didn't play all the events, I had ample time to hunt down long-time friends and make sure they got a Rickaroon of their very own---or at least one to share.

The reaction was as I'd hoped it would be- unanimous smiles, thumbs up, and pleasure moans. Sometime during the weekend, someone suggested something citrus flavored. I decided to try out a lime-flavored 'roon when I got home, so as soon as I woke up the morning after a late arrival, I made sure I picked up some limes to try out in a batch. 

I have to say that the key lime (working title) is going to be a key player in the product mix. It's refreshing, full-flavored, rich, and decidedly different than any of the other chocolate based 'roon flavors. We're sending out a sample of the key lime 'roon with each order that goes out this week.