Big Two Weeks

As we grow Rickaroons, one of the most rewarding parts is how others want us to succeed. Every day we get submissions from our fans of cafes, coffee shops, juice bars, and more retail outlets that we should sell Rickaroons. This past week these recommendations have turned into 3 awesome events.

Rickaroons are sold at:

1. Newbreak Coffee in downtown San Diego at 690 1st Ave. Recommended by a friend of RIckaroons.

2. Juice Wave - a mobile juiced-to-order truck. Was connected to the owner of Jucie Wave by a friend who teaches yoga. 

3. Pura VIda Yoga Center - downtown San Diego on Island Ave. Met the owner at the Little Italy farmers market.

4. Gearbox Rx - our first retailer in Michigan. Contacted us out of the blue.

5. Farsk Juice - Brooklyn?! Yes. Brooklyn. Referred by a great customer who found Rickaroons at the farmers market.

The moral of this story is that the best way to help Rickaroons is tell a friend about us. Word of mouth has been a driving force behind our amazing growth. Keep it going and tell people about us, give them our email, or tell us where we should sell Rickaroons by entering suggestions here.

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