First Time In a Bakery

We are a few months in and the feedback from the world has been tremendous. We are starting to meet with cafe owners and the responses are all positive. Up until now we have been working to perfect the innerworkings of Rickaroons and foundation to build upon. Today we accomplished something big - our first test bake. We walked in with a whole bunch of healthy ingredients and walked out with 600 Rickaroons - 300 Megaroons and 300 Origiroons. AND every one of them is individually wrapped - ready to be shipped, stored, OR unwrapped and eaten.

In other news, we are making huge strides towards getting Rickaroons in cafes. Our very first retailer will be JA Java, 1100 Third Avenue, San Diego, CA.

By next week we expect to be in Temana Cafe. and hopefully a few other places. Stay tuned. The Rickaroons train is just getting started.

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