Getting This Party Started

It's day 3 of going public on Facebook and the bees they are a-buzzing. We've got a couple hundred likes and a constant flood of "Where can we buy them?" questions coming in. Well the answer is nowhere...yet. We are in the midst of doing everything possible to get on shelves, to your local farmers market, on Amazon, etc. as quickly as possible - while maintaining the highest quality possible. 

It will always be a requirement of Rickaroons to only make tasty treats that could be confused with coming out of our oven at home that morning. Due to this dedication to freshness and quality we want to make sure that our bakery is aligned with our goals - sustainability, health, taste, and perfection. So we continue to scour California for the best possible fit for early stage Rickaroons. It is amazing at the beginning of a journey just how many directions are possible. The most important thing is that people love our product AND company. This is why we promise to stay as local, sustainable, fresh, and loyal as possible in all that we do. No short cuts. No fake stuff.