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Starting a company is easy. Growing a company is hard. Luckily our great customers have made it easier by giving us a growing list of suggestions ever since we first started selling Rickaroons at the La Jolla Farmers Market in June of 2013. Even in the our genesis months, baking at home, putting Rickaroons in zip loc bags, and shipping in carry-out pizza boxes, our customers have had grand visions for us. Now we are on the verge of having our very first round of printed packaging that will let us grow and expand out of San Diego, able to bring Rickaroons all over the USA.

Why are we telling you this? We are asking for help again. Please give us your suggestions of places in your neighborhood, town or city where you'd like to see Rickaroons available. We already know about Starbucks and Whole Foods, so tell us something we don't know! Where do you spend your Saturday mornings getting coffee? Which gym would you like to be able to grab a Megaroon from after your workout? If you know the owner or manager, even better- but we will take all the suggestions you can give. Public, Wegmans, Sprouts...where else?

The last time we asked, someone told us to to go Vitality Bowls in the Bay Area. Thanks to that single suggestion we are now in all five Vitality Bowls locations and will soon be in a sixth.

Want to know where you can pick up a Rickaroon today? Click here

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