Rick-Or-Treat Is Coming Soon!

The Pumpkin Pie Spice and Chocolate Rickaroon is Back!

Due to (very) popular (and loud) demand we are bringing back the Rick-or-Treat this year for all of October 1-Dec 31. Last year it was our biggest seller over the weeks that we could keep it in stock so we decided to bring back our first ever seasonal flavor for a second season. Perhaps the most "punny" of our flavors, the Rick-or-Treat puts a seasonal twist on the classic Chocolate Blonde.

The Rick-or-Treat takes our original coconut chocolate chip Chocolate Blonde and adds just the right amount of pumpkin pie spice. Get them for you, friends, or if you want to be the most beloved house in your neighborhood, get them for your Trick-or-Treaters!


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