USA Gymnast & Crossfit Competitor

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History of athletic dominance? 

Member of the USA Women's Gymnastics National Team

9-Time NCAA All-American

Top 10 Finalist for the 2002 NCAA Woman of the Year (all sports, all divisions)

Recipient of an NCAA Post-Graduate Scholarship.

Currently participate, compete, and teach CrossFit to stay fit and healthy and help others improve their well being.

2012 Southwest Regional CrossFit Competitor.

Favorite Rickaroon? Mint To Be

Why do you eat Rickaroons? I eat Rickaroons because they taste amazing! For me they are a fun treat that still fits within the framework of my nutrition lifestyle. After a lunch or dinner is when I like to grab a Rickaroon.

Beliefs in nutrition? I have been interested in nutrition from my early teenage years. Intrigued by how food influences performance and health, I pursued this field in my studies. I received a Masters from Tufts University in Nutritional Biochemistry and Metabolism. I now believe in a paleo/primal way of eating with a strong emphasis on vegetables, quality meats and natural fats. I believe that in general we need to regain our appreciation for where real, whole food comes from.