Shannon Doleac - USA Gymnast + Crossfit Competitor

Why do you eat Rickaroons? I eat Rickaroons because they taste amazing! For me they are a fun treat that still fits within the framework of my nutrition lifestyle. After a lunch or dinner is when I like to grab a Rickaroon.

 Favorite Rickaroon: Chocoroon

History of Athletic Dominance: 

  • Member of the USA Women's Gymnastics National Team
  • 9-Time NCAA All-American
  • Top 10 Finalist for the 2002 NCAA Woman of the Year (all sports, all divisions)
  • Recipient of an NCAA Post-Graduate Scholarship.
  • Currently participate, compete, and teach CrossFit to stay fit and healthy and help others improve their well being.
  • 2012 Southwest Regional CrossFit Competitor.

Beliefs in Nutrition: I have been interested in nutrition from my early teenage years. Intrigued by how food influences performance and health, I pursued this field in my studies. I received a Masters from Tufts University in Nutritional Biochemistry and Metabolism. I now believe in a paleo/primal way of eating with a strong emphasis on vegetables, quality meats and natural fats. I believe that in general we need to regain our appreciation for where real, whole food comes from.


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