72 Years Old and Still Winning Ironmans!

Union Tribune Article About Susan

Some of Susan's Victories

2012 Ironman World Championship 70.3
2012 Barb's race 70.3
2012 Chula Vista Challenge olympic distance 1 mile swim 25 mile bike 6.2 mile run
2012 Carlsbad Triathlon sprint distance
2012 San Diego International olympic distance
2012 Rock n Roll marathon 26.2 miles
2012 International Triathlon Union World Championship olympic distance
2012 Spring Sprint sprint distance 500 yd swim 12 mile bike 3 mile run
2012 San Diego 1/2 marathon 13.2 miles
2012 San Dieguito 1/2 marathon
2012 Carlsbad 1/2 marathon

2011 Ironman World Championship Kona Hawaii 140.6  2.4 mile swim 112 mile 26.2 mile run
2011 Ironman World Championship Los Vegas 70.3
2011 Ironman Oceanside 70.3
2011 AFC 1/2 marathon
2011 Safari Park 1/2 marathon
2011 San Dieguito 1/2 marathon
2011 Rock n Roll Arizona 1/2 marathon
2011 San Diego International olympic size
2011 Rock n Roll Las Vegas 1/2 marathon
2011 Mission Inn 1/2 marathon 

Favorite Flavor: The Origiroon - The Original Rickaroon

When do you eat Rickaroons?  

I eat rickaroons before I swim, while on the bike in an Ironman and while I run. Rickaroons not only taste fantastic, they give me enough energy to win my races. 

How does diet play a role in your decades of dominance? 

I do not eat any red meat.  My diet consists of mostly vegetables, fruits, eggs, fish and a small amount of chicken and turkey. I drink lots of water with electrolytes added to the water.

How did you rise to the top of your field?  Started running when I was 38.  I heard about a group called the marathon clinic on east Mission Bay so I started running with them.  I had children ages 2, 4 and 6, so I would bring a friend to watch them while I ran. I met my husband while running with some friends and we both started running in races every week.  I always came in 1st, 2nd or 3rd in my age group.  I liked winning so I continued to race. At age 57 I decided to do a small triathlon.  I always wanted to be as fit as possible for my age. I was getting injured a lot while just running so I thought if I would vary my activities, adding cycling and swimming it wouldn't be as hard on my body.  I was right as I rarely had any injuries.  My husband qualified for the world championship triathlon in Kona, Hawaii when he was 50 so of course I went to Kona to watch him race.  After that 3 of our 4 sons became interested in doing triathlons and 2 of our daughter in laws.  I wanted to join my daughter in laws and do an Ironman triathlon with them. I trained as hard as I could, spending many hours on the bike, swimming and running. At age 71 I qualified for two world championships.  Ironman Las Vegas 70.3 and Ironman Kona 140.6.  I won both of them in 2011.  I also went on to win the world championship 70.3 in Las Vegas in 2012. 


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