Things We Like

Consider this our version of Oprah's Favorite Things.

Big Tree Farms is our source of Coconut. We love what they do. They use coconuts from 14,000 certified organic farmers in Indonesia. They support individuals, small business, and sustainability, and have a high quality product. Check out their latest product: coconut water powder. 1 pack = 25 servings of coconut water.

Runa uses the same supply model as Big Tree Farms. It is supplied by small farms and families in Ecuador who grow organic Guayusa plants in their own yards. A stimulant with more caffeine than a cup of Starbuck's espresso, Guayusa is farmed by Runa in a safe, sustainable, eco-friendly, and delicious way. We salute Runa for their ability to do well by doing good. We hope to emulate the positive impact Runa. Check out Runa today!